MEGAN KARD | product designer

Flint Games

Booth Collateral

Flint Games is a local independent game company that had no branding, despite their successful release of a game app a year prior to this project.  An approaching East Coast gaming conference prompted the need for a logo, booth takeaways and a miniature standing banner.  The logo was developed based on the company's primary value of "having fun" in all aspects of development, cooperative work, and of course gameplay.  The symbol of the arrow for movement and spark, and the chemical structure of flint itself, were the inspiration for the organic logo shape and arcing lines.  Using existing game art assets, quarter cards and a banner were created for the event in the style of each game.

Artwork by Wouter Bruneel (Blitzkeep) and Anya Delventhal (Cactus City Roads).

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